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    "Honestly your products may be the best I’ve ever tried. I’ve always struggled with ingrown hairs and razor burn and yet 3 days later and my skins still soft, no ingrown hairs and I didn’t cut myself once.🤍"

     "This is the razor for me!"

    "I absolutely love it! It took no time for me to learn how to use it and I'm currently waiting for my next shipment of blades. This has completely changed my shaving game and I feel so much more confident."


    We’ve got you covered!

    If cared properly, it can last a life-time.

    You only have to change the blades from time to time. We suggest changing it after 4-10 uses. You can buy them here.

    We suggest changing it after 4-10 uses. You can buy them here.

    Feel free to use your Brillora Razor on any part of your body.

    After each use, rinse your razor with tap water to remove hair and oil/soap. Opening it up is recommended for a more effective clean.

    After use, make sure to dry your razor thoroughly and store it in a cool, dry place to prevent any damage. Keeping your razor and blades dry is crucial for their longevity.


    1. Remove the handle and detach the razor head.

    2. Gently position the blade between the top two pieces, ensuring the smooth and plain side faces the handle.

    3. Put it back together by screwing the handle.

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